Our Story
The Origin of Woolly Wolf

We are here to change the way dog gear is seen. We believe in good design and sustainable actions. As the dog population continues to rise, we believe it has become even more vital to make sustainable choices for our furry family members as well. We are committed to use recycled materials as the main ingredient in our products and that way minimize our impact on the planet. 

Where it all started

Old climbing Rope and A Van

In 2016 our designer Maria hand tied the first rope leash for her dog Yoda from an old piece of rope that was removed from use in her local climbing gym. Soon after the outdoor loving industrial designer started sketching ideas for the first Woolly Wolf collection while driving across Europe on their old self-converted van. 

The First Rope Leash 

Developed similar way as climbing ropes, the Woolly Wolf Rope Leash has a strong and slightly flexible kernmantle core to provide a gentle catch in pulling situations and when your dog decides to jump after something interesting. It’s the perfect blend of durability, lightweight design, delicious colors and sustainabilty.

Circularity is in our DNA

The Heritage of Woolly Wolf

Named after the ancient Himalayan wolves distinctive from its peers, Woolly Wolf has since the beginning had a vision to do business differently. In everything we do, we remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainability and circularity.

Our mission to equip the modern wolf with the best recycled gear for their outdoor explorations, from backyard to backcountry, is what drives us forward.

Forerunner Products made from PET Bottles

Today our selection has grown from the first rope leash to a top-quality recycled dog gear collection, all made from recycled post-consumer PET bottles.

The new Tough line collection which will be launched thi July consists of  Alpha 360 products that are carefully crafted to the finest detail with comfort, safety and design in mind. This all around collection will meet your needs from city walks to backcountry adventures. 

The Roam collection is made for those looking for sturdy and good looking gear for their everyday explorations. This versatile collection gives you the freedom to handle your dog the best way in every situation.